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The Body Kit

The Body Kit
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Achieve all over fat reduction and body sculpting with our body kit. You can target your waist, hips, stomach, flanks, thighs, ankles, arms, buttocks and male chests too. 

You will receive 1 waist belt (150 cms long), 2 small belts (85 cms) to use on the arms or legs, 5 fat freezing packs (1 large and 4 small) and instructions which can also be found here.

Whether it's bingo wings, love handles, muffin tops, pouches, saddle bags or a spare tyre this set of belts is the set for you.

The insulating belt is one long sleeve so if you want to target more surface area simultaneously you can slide in multiple fat freezer packs (different sizes available) which can then be positioned to target any particularly hard to shift areas on the waistline.

For example, by sliding in the large pack in the front of the waist belt and 2 medium packs from the other side of the waist belt you can target the back area behind the hips (or the hips themselves) reducing muffin tops, whilst the large pack can be positioned on the abdomen reducing belly fat. 

Or if using the smaller belts for arms or legs (not at the same time) you can also slide in 2 medium packs to target the inner thigh and back of the thigh simultaneously.

Men can also use the waist belt to target the chest reducing gynaecomastia.

To find out more watch this interview with a gym owner. 

Reduce Stubborn Areas Quicker & Easier

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Jo H.
I love these , they

I love these , they really do work. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of getting one

Moira S.
Love them! Absolutely delighted! I

Love them! Absolutely delighted! I was sceptical and expected them not to work as i have tried other things to no avail. I have exercised for years and years and on the most part i eat healthily. Over the last couple of years my weight has fluctuated due to other things going on in my life and although i am not overweight my bodyshape changed but no amount of exercising was fixing certain areas. I have just completed my 30 days along with a good diet (lost some weight too) and my usual exercise regime (5 days a week). Can see the difference in the mirror and can well feel it in my clothes. Some of my clothes were too tight and uncomfortable on and i can now wear again. These belts along with a healthy diet and exercise regime are just what the doctor ordered. So much so i have purchased another full body set in the black Friday sale. The other good thing for me is for the hour each night i used them i actually had to chill out which is something i find difficult to do as i am quite a hyer person so certainly helped me in many ways. Would definately recommend!

Genevieve F.
Brought this a few days

Brought this a few days ago. They are similar to gel packs (just add water & soak again when needed) and fit quite easily in your freezer. I'm a size 16, so was a bit worried but the belt fits fine with plenty of room if you were larger. Easy to put on & take off, you just slip the ice packs into the pockets. I wear them for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. There's no pain or sensitivity for me personally when wearing them (maybe the Velcro occasionally but you just adjust that), and it leaves your skin relatively cold after but not freezing. I'm using these along with fat freezing sessions & my own ice packs (which conveniently also fit in the belt so that's handy!). Hoping to see good results, my friend said he thinks my stomachs getting flatter already but only time will tell! I have googled fat freezing/the effects on ice in general; and I know that it does have some varied but usually positive results, including skin tightening. So I know you can get results, so I've got my 2litre bottle of water & going to follow the plan of doing at least 1hr a day with the belt on. Will update my review after a few weeks of using. If they work for me, I know my mates going to get her own set to help her along with her diet, so finger+H67s crossed! - Just to update, coming to the end of week 1 now and I've lost 3cm and my stomach is starting to dip in. And this is without any diet or exercise, just the belts & lots of water. Although I use my belts for 2hrs (bottom stomach/waist & legs, then top stomach/waist & legs). Where the overlap of top & bottom stomach is my tummy has dipped in significantly. Really pleased! My mate is buying her own set now (I was the guinnipig) So pleased!

Sarah B.
This is a great product

This is a great product the customer service and support is brilliant very professional. I would definitely recommend.

Kala E.
Only been using it 2

Only been using it 2 weeks and can see a difference. I don't look half as bloated am well happy x