Vanessa's Story

When many new products are released, there’s a tendency for businesses to commission positive reviews in order to bolster credibility. But at Fat Freezing Belts, we believe in letting our products speak for themselves.

Vanessa* purchased a full set of fat freezing belts in January 2017. By March, she ‘was able to wear jeans I haven’t worn for around 10 years due to accumulation of fat around my waist. I have lost about 80% of the fat and was able to feel my six pack for the first time in my life!’

Here are before and after photos comparing Vanessa’s first and third months using the belt:


What you might be wondering is whether Vanessa’s fat loss was necessarily due to the belt. It’s true, we advise users to maintain a healthy diet alongside an active lifestyle in order to achieve the best results.

However, despite eating a balanced diet and exercising for an hour three times a week, Vanessa struggled with unwanted fat. Despite her best efforts, factors such as age, gender and genetics made achieving her ideal body seem like an uphill battle. She admits that the difficulty was so great she ‘developed an eating disorder trying to get rid of it’ by starving herself, which didn’t work either.

We were thrilled by Vanessa’s email, which insists that it’s the Fat Freezing Belt that finally eradicated her stubborn pockets of fat and continues to improve her figure month by month.

Because the fat freezing belt can be used indefinitely without risk or side effects, Vanessa says ‘I plan to use it in different areas but am focusing on my mid-section as this has always been a trouble spot. I could never wear skirts as the fat pinched round my waist, and overhung my jeans - yet I am only a size 10!’

Vanessa is proof that however much we take care of our bodies, stubborn fat may just need that extra push to be rid of once and for all. Simply put, she says ‘this system is amazing’.

Getting real results for real people is what we’re all about. We don’t believe anyone should be prevented from achieving their ideal body, which is why we offer a world class product at a fraction of the price of other fat freezing belts – because we believe in our product and its ability to make you happier in your own skin.

Thanks Vanessa for sharing your story. We can’t wait to see even more progress! If you would like to share YOUR progress with our community of like-minded fans, feel free to contact us.


  • Absolutely amazing results. I lost over 2ins from my waist. Highly recommend

  • Following a bad stroke 5 years ago aged 47 I have piled on fat around my waist due to immobility as Stroke has left me extremely weak on left side I’m hoping together with my starting Pilates and cutting all carbs and alcohol from my diet the belt will help me regain my size 12 figure xx

    Jennifer Mitchell
  • I was sceptical about these belts as i exercise very regularily and on the most part have a good diet. I have now used for 28 days and followed the instructions to the letter. Did not think this was working but i can now see a difference and can feel it in my clothes. I have certainly lost inches in the areas i used them on especially my thighes. 1.5 inches. I have now also just purchased another full body set in the Vlack Friday sale as i would like 2 lose a bitmore then just use to maintain. I am very happy with my results so far aling with my diet and exercise. Big thumbs up from me ??

    Moira Samson
  • I am really impressed with the results I have been obtaining since I started using the “fat freezing belts” nearly 1 month ago.Initially I was really skeptical about this method to sculpt my body but now I am really really confident to recommend it to anyone.Thank you so much

  • I absolutely love mine I don’t have a lot of fat on my tummy so wasn’t expecting much but I’m amazed at how well it works and helped with the last bit of stubborn fat


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